United Natons Support from 63 States

English 2013.06.21 14:05

United Nations Support from 63 Member States


United Nations Security Council Resolution 83 (27 June 1950)
"The Security Council,

Having determined that the armed attack upon the Republic of Korea by forces from North Korea constitutes a breach of peace,
Having called for an immediate cessation of hostilities,
Having called upon the authorities in North Korea to withdraw forthwith their armed forces to the 38th parallel,
Having noted from the report of the United Nations Commission on Korea that the authorities in North Korea have neither ceased hostilities nor withdrawn their armed forces to the 38th parallel, and that urgent military measures are required to restore international peace and security,
Having noted the appeal from the Republic of Korea to the United Nations for immediate and effective steps to secure peace and security,
Recommends that the Members of the United Nations furnish such assistance to the Republic of Korea as may be necessary to repel the armed attack and to restore international peace and security in the area."


Combat support (16 nations)

Greece, South Africa, Netherlands, New Zealand, Luxemburg, United States of America,
Belgium, Ethiopia, Britain, Canada, Colombia, Thailand, France, Philippines, Australia


Medical support (5 nations)
Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Italia, India


Materiel support (39 nations)
Guatemala, Republic of China, The Dominican Republic, Westdeutschland, Liberia,
Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Mexico, Burma, Vatican, Venezuela, South Vietnam,
Saudi Arabia , Switzerland, Syria, Argentina, Iceland, Haiti, Ecuador, El Salvador,
Austria, Honduras, Uruguay, Iran, Israel, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Jamaica, Chile,
Cambodia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Panama, Paraguay, Pakistan, Peru, Hungary


Countries that expressed the intent to support (3 nations)

Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil


“Of the 93 countries that existed in 1950, 60 countries had membership in the UN, which means 65 percent of all the countries in the world supported the Republic Korea.”

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