The Birth of ROK-US Alliance

English 2013.06.21 14:13

The Birth of ROK-US Alliance
Founded upon the 1953 Mutual Defense Treaty between the ROK and US governments (1 October 1953)
● Established USFK against nK invasion and armed threats (28500 troops as of present)
● a fruit of combined efforts to ensure peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula
○ Transition of peacetime OPCON from US to ROK (1 December 1994)
※Wartime OPCON transition (due in December 2015)

The Role of ROK-US Alliance
Prevention of nK invasion and provocation
Support ROK military buildup for social and economic development
Improvement of combined and joint warfighting capabilities through ROK-US combined exercises
○ Important asset to national defense as the strongest alliance in the world
※ USFK valued at 28 trillion won ($28 billion)



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