The Forgotten Victory - Philippines

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Fought together with a bond of sympathy for freedom,

'Defeat Communist forces'




Philippines, an independent fledgling nation, was in a war with Communist rebellions within its country in 1946, 4 years before the Korean War. At this aspect, Philipppines had a deep bond of sympathy toward South Korea, which was invaded by Communist forces soon after it gained its independence. Philippines aided Korea by dispatching whippets and 4 battalion BGs of 1,400 soldiers, having independent combat capabilities such as artilleries, military engineers, communications, medical services, and etc.



The day of Sept. 2, 1950 was a meaningful day throughout Philippines' history for holding the first overseas dispatch farewell ceremony. On that day, 60,000 Philippines citizens gathered at Rizal Memorial Stadium and prayed for their fortune of the war for Philippines 10th battalion BG, which was about to be dispatched to help ROK. Transport ship, carrying dispatched troops, headed to ROK under cover from Philipppines destroyers and fighters in echelon. As the 10th battalion arrived at Busan on Sept. 19, Philippines was the third nation, that dispatched land forces, following USA and Britain.


10th battalion BG-the very first BG sent out to Korea from Philippines-was evaluated as the best elite troop among 10 troops, which were put into Communist rebellions suppression operation in Philippines. Later, Philippines deployed its 20, 19, 14 BGs alternatively in annual or 9-month basis.



On Nov. 1950 when UN Force took aggressive actions, the Philippines battalion took a mission to mop-up the North Korean remnants from UN Force's main supply road, connecting Seoul-Pyeongyang-Ahnju. The Philippines battalion destroyed the North Korean remnants-threatened supply routes via battles near Shingae and etc.-by utilizing its specialty; The Philippines battalion had lots of experiences from battles against Communist guerrillas in their nation.


In addition, the troop performed a significant exploit at many battles: Yuldong battle, Sinsanri battle, Christmas highland battle, Aeri surprise attack, battles near Mt. Gunja, and etc.


Especially in 1951, the 10th battalion with 20th battalion; the 20th battalion won fame for its bravery through fights at Aeri highland against Communist Chinese army on April 1952. At this battle, the troop was a small-scale special force consisted of bersaglieri, scout team, musketry; the special force stroke a huge blow to the Communist army by suprise attacks and successfully accomplished its mission. Fidel Lamos First Lieutenant, a member of the special force, later became the 12th Philippines' president and announced proudly about special relation with Korea built via fights for its freedom.



The Philippines army defended ROK territory by fighting fiercely against enemies till July 27, 1953 when was the armistice agreement was signed.

In respond to Communists propaganda war saying 'Whites are leading the war in Asia', participation of Philippines in the Korean war took an important role in publicizing the fact that the whole world was aiding ROK for its freedom and peace.


Despite of severe cold experienced for its first time, Philippines' army fought against enemies, and as a result it suffered 468 human losses in total: 112 dead, 299 injured, and etc. amongst its participated troops.

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