The Forgotten Victory - Turkey

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Blood brother bonded with sacrificial battles



Turkey, the nation well-known to us by 'blood brother', let 3 army brigades, strength of 5,500 soldiers, carried out their missions on annual shifts during the Korean War. By the time the armistice agreement was signed, if its 4th brigade, on its way to Korea, was included in counting, Turkish soldiers took over 20,000 man-days; they came all the way to fight for Korean liberty and peace.


It is known that there are two reasons for calling Turkey and ROK 'Blood brother'. First reason is that there had been friendly relations with DolGeoul, assumed as ancestors of Turkish race, and Goguryeo, assumed as ancestors of ROK race. Second reasons is that Turkey sent out second largest troops in term of man-days to ROK, following US, during the Korean War.


Although there are different views on its first reason as a result of its specific historical research, a clear fact in this modern era, participation in the Korean War, lacks for nothing from ROK calling Turkey 'Blood brother'. As UN Secretary General requested Turkey to send out its troops in the middle of July 1950, Turkey initiated 1st brigade, capable of independent warfighting, and dispatched to Korea dividing into 3 echelons; the 1st brigade was consisted mainly of infantry and artillery and also included engineering, transportation, ordnance, communication, medical service units. They arrived in Busan on Dec. 17 1950 when the victory seemed imminent for both UN forces and ROK.



Turkish army had only fought in rear area participating in such red guerrillas suppression operation; it was after Gunwoori battle taken its place at the end of November that Turkish troops began to fight in large-scale battles. At the time, UN forces was going through tough time due to Communist Chinese army's sudden intervention. As for the same, Turkish troops had no other choice but to fall back in a situation, which whole lines were collapsing, despite of making a strong stand against series of attacks by Chinese army. On the process of chaotic retrieval, Turkish army suffered tremendous casualties, and its military strength of brigade was disrupted, and it was also disgraced.


However, as Turkish army completed its realignment at 37th parallel line, it did not only regain its honor by taking 151 highland-Chinese army established strong defense position-by fierce hand-to-hand fight but also became an example of boosting UN forces' morale via Keumyangjang battle.


On April of the same year, Turkish troops suffered tremendous human losses by fighting against overwhelming number of Chinese forces at Jangseungcheon battle: 66 dead, and 105 missing. In spite of such losses, the Turkish force postponed enemies' attacks by striking a huge blow against them, and the Turkish force, hence, bought the time for adjacent units to safely withdraw.


Even after 1952 when the fierce Frontline battle was continuing, the Turkish force made a significant contribution by undergoing fierce battles such as Sand castle battle, Nevada battle, and etc; even administrative clerks needed to participate in those battles.


As for its sacrificial fights, Turkish forces suffered 3,623 soldiers in total: 721 dead, 2,493 injured, 175 missing, 234 POWs.

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