The Forgotten Victory - Thailand

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Inborn with bravery, 'The Little Tiger'



Korea were liberated from Japanese Imperialism on August 15 1945, the thrilling day for Korea. Thailand recovered its independence from Japanese Imperialism on the same day. Despite of unsettled situation within its country, Thailand helped ROK dispatching all ArmyNavyAir Force even in small scale.


RTAF was known for 'The Little Tiger' among UN forces due to its unique bravery during the Korean War. UN requested Thailand to send out its force. In response to the request, Thailand nominated Pisit Dispongsa-Diskul major general, the Thai crown prince, to commander of the expeditionary force, and dispatched infantry battalion of 2,274 soldiers, 7 Navy Frigits, a transport ship, a transport plane squadron to Korea.


Thai land force and medical corps of the Red Cross put in at Busan on Nov. 7, 1950. Splendid distinguished military achievements were evident at battles in Yuldong area, Porkchop highland battle, and Sadong battle.

Thai battalion was assigned under US 1st cavalry division at end of July 1951, and underwent scouting skirmishes in Yuldong area as defending Yeoncheon. On August 18, the Thai battalion took surprise attack first on Communist Chinese army's assembly area, shoot countless Communist soldiers dead, and destroyed their supplies. Also, the battalion exploited its military achievements by giving tremendous human losses by taking surprise attack on assembly area of enemy platoons, and etc. The battalion carried out scouting skirmishes continuously till the early September, and made a significant contribution on maintaining allies' MLR.


Porkchop highland battle, taken its place from November 1952, werved as a momentum for imprinting the fear of 'The Little Tiger' into both enemies and allies. Thai battalion took charge of defending Porkchop highland, where fierce battles were going on. The battalion also succeeded in repelling all 3 series of attacks done by Chinese army and defending its assigned position. The Thai battalion won its fame for bravery at various highland battles by repelling bloody battles-aggravated to hand-to-hand fights-against Chinese force which took its advantage of overwhelming number.


Thai Navy mainly carried out escort mission of LMSR including oil tankers, and participated in enemies' shore batteries destroy operation around June 1951. In this operation, Thai Navy Bangpagong Frigit took an important and dangerous role in inducing enemies' artillery shootings near seashore.


Under converging fire of enemy shore batteries, Bangpagong Frigit made a military achievement by destroying many shore batteries, firing heavily against them joined with UN Navy.


Activities of Thai Air Force, consisted of three C-47 transport planes, became a great help to UN force operations. Especially, Thai C-47 transport planes were not only equipped with sickbeds and medical care facilities but also in charge of emergency transportation mission because their size was apt for poor airfield conditions of Korea. They transported wounded soldiers of front lines to rear area and were also responsible for evacuation of the seriously wounded in Japan needing longterm treatment. Till the end of the war, Thai Air Force made a significant contribution on emergency supplies transportation and others by utilizing its advantage, having small transport planes.


Thai force suffered numerous casualties during the Korean War: 129 dead including 4 navies, 1,139 injured, 5 missing, and no POW.

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