The Forgotten Victory - Greece

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Fierce fights till just before the armistice even in inducement of withdrawal



Greece was asked by UN for RFA to ROK at the point of time when one year had not been passed from the end of its civil war. Despite of having hard conditions within its nation and being under threats of nearby nations being communized, Greece helped ROK by sending out a force of 4,992 man-days strength and 7 transport plane squadrons. Greek AmryAir Force received ROKUS presidential unit citation several times for their bravery becoming a model to other UN forces.


At the point of time when the Korean War occurred in 1950, Greece was very similar in many ways with ROK. In the period of the World War II, Greece was persecuted severely under German Nacht occupation. Also, more than 50,000 people lost their lives due to two desperate civil wars against Communists, occurred with its independence, in 1944. Moreover, 500,000 Greek citizens experienced the tragedy of fratricidal war, having no choice but to live as refugees.


On around December 1949, Greece rooted out Communists within its nation who received protection from USSR. On July 1950 when its internal disturbance is not healed, Greece, where received UN's request, decided to dispatch its ArmyAir Force willingly to help ROK; not only current situation but also natural environments such as its latitude and peninsula state with three sides siding the sea are similar with ROK.


Greek force arrived at Busan on December 9 1950, and headed toward front lines quickly in order to support UN forces, being pulled back till the 38th parallel due to Communist Chinese army's attacks.


Greek battalions underwent main fights: battles near Icheon, Hongcheon-Chuncheon-Hwacheon advance battle, 313 highland battle in 1951, and Nori highland battle in 1952, and 420 highland battle, battles near northern area of Jeongryeong in 1953, and etc.


The Greek battalions won their fame for bravery by fighting offensively and aggressively in battles at front lines. Especially, they attained honor of receiving ROKUS presidential unit citation two times for their exploits of wars at 313 highland battle and 420 highland battle; they completed its mission with an indomitable will despite of suffering 105 casualties at offensive and defensive battle for 3 days at 313 highland battle, and repelled Chinese army with a force of regiment by shooting 500 enemies dead with only a force of a company at 420 highland battle. Also, the Greek battalion showed its sense of responsibility of defending the assigned highland by fighting fiercely against Communist Chinese army regardless of withdrawal inducement of US 15th regiment commander, aimed to reduce its damages at battles, near northern area of Jeongryeong, continued till July 26 1953 just before the armistice. Thanks to this activity, Seungahm highland remains as ROK territory.


Greek Air Force 13th transport squadron executed its mission with remarkable aviation techniques and sense of duty in spite of poor environments such as bad weather conditions and poor runways, and enemy's heavy antiaircraft attacks. Also, the squadron carried necessary supplies by air to US MARDIV utilizing basic runways, and performed exploits of evacuating 600 casualties at Jangjinho battle. Greek 13th transport squadron received a presidential unit citation from ROK government on December 1953; the Greek squadron lost countless transport planes and their crews by participating bravely in operations despite of bad weather conditions.


Greek force showed its courage and spirit of sacrifice for ROK during the war. Unfortunately, 647 soldiers in total shed blood for ROK during the war: 188 dead, 459 injured and etc.

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