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The Forgotten Victory - France

English 2013.07.04 15:23




Defend Korea as my homeland



French national tricolor flag represents libertyequalitybenevolence. French troops took a part in defending ROK by fighting battles courageously with sacrifices during the Koran War. Such action illustrated the meaning of its national flag. French army consisted of one infantry battalion and one Navy destroyer had never retreated from all battles despite of any sacrifices.

Maurice Navarre, deceased in the Korean War, died at the age of 79. He willed, "Scatter my ashes at 931 highland, a ferocious battlefield, where my fellow soldiers lay beneath the ground." This will was achieved in 2007 by cooperation between France and ROKA.



When there was an outbreak of the Korean War, France did not have enough power to spare to help Korea due to undergoing war at Indochina. However, in addition to sending out one destroyer on July 22, 1950, France initiated one infantry battalion for dispatch, supported by troops on active service and reserve forces on Sept. 18. French land force arrived at Busan on Nov. 11.

Although dispatched French army did not have large number of soldiers, it was a strong elite troop consisted of soldiers from the Maritime Corps, airborne troops, the Foreign Legion, and capital defense army. Especially battalion commander Ralph Monclar Ltc, the leader of the troop, was Lieutenant General at the Foreign Legion, but voluntarily downgraded his rank in order to participate in the Korean War.




The French battalion participated in Wonju battle as its first battle in the Korean War on Jan. 10, 1951 after it was assigned under US 2nd division. The French battalion fought hand-to-hand against regiment-scale Chinese army at dual tunnel battle, occurred near Jipyeongri on Feb. 10. Consequently, the battalion defended AOR highland till the end, and dealt a fatal blow to its enemy by shooting 1,300 enemies dead. The troop received US presidential citation and won official commendation from French Army for its service.

The French battalion participated in Jipyeongri battle with US 23th regiment on Feb. 13, and it underwent bloody fight for 3 days against enveloping attack by 3 divisions of Communist Chinese army. By doing so, it performed a significant contribution on blocking Chinese army's attack on February; the enemy attack was aimed to divide UN military fronts. Later, the battalion suffered large number of sacrifices at fierce battles: ridge battle, arrow-head highland, and etc. Despite of such losses, it defended their AOR till the end and made it possible for Korea to have advantageous position at the armistice talks.


French army suffered 1,289 humane losses in total: 262 warriors dead, 1,008 soldiers injured, 7 missing, 12 POWs, and etc. The number was equal to French participating troops at the time, and this means that there were few war veterans returned without any scratches after the war. French war veterans-returned from Korea after their deaths like Navarre-sacrificed themselves for Korea, having their mind just like protecting their homeland.


Posted by LG Innotek

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The Forgotten Victory - Canada

English 2013.07.03 14:23


Defend strategic islands on the West Sea Contribution on securing MDL


Canada evenly dispatched ArmyNavyAir force to the Korean War: an Army infantry brigade of 6,146 soldiers, 3 Navy destroyers, an Air Force AT wing. Especially, Canada Navy made a significant contribution on stabilizing MDL on the West Sea by intense patrol over strategic islands such as Cho, Baekryeong, Yeonpyeong islands and etc.


Canada did not have an office of representatives in Korea before the Korean War occured, and this illustrates that it did not have any relationship with Korea up till the war happened. However, as Canada positively agreed to UN's decision to help Korea, it dispatched 3 Navy destroyers to the Far East on July 4, 1950. In addition, Canada sent out Air Force 426 AT wing and 22 pilots who had air battle experiences on 21 of July, and land force battalions on Dec of the same year.



Since Canada did not have enough troops to dispatch, it had initiated 25th brigade by newly recruiting volunteer soldiers, and it dispatched 2nd battalion, as an advance party, to Korea.


Canada 2nd battalion was assigned under 27th brigade of the Commonwealth, and took an important part at battles such as Hongcheon, Gapyeong and etc. from early 1952. Especially at Gapyeong battle, the 2nd battalion defended their assigned highland till the end by firing within positions and fighting hand-to-hand despited of being under converging fire of Communist army. At the time, the battalion received an US presidential unit citation by giving credit for successfully covering withdrawal of ROK 6th division and blocking Communist Chinese attacks. Also, Korean government as well praised those who fought battles courageously by establishing participant monument for Canadian battalion located on 677 highland. Canada 2nd battalion joined with main force of Canada 25th brigade on June; Canada 25th brigade arrived at Busan, Korea on May, 1951.


The 25th brigade performed a brilliant exploit in DickerClaymoreCommando operations and etc. which were carried out around Imjin river till Oct. 1951. The brigade secured numerous commanding heights where could take the advantageous position first later on battles. R22eR battalion D company under the brigade drove Communist Chinese army-had overwhelming combat strength-back several times and defended 227 highland at battles near Mt. Gowang. Then, as a result, the company was selected as the best company under the brigade of the Commonwealth.



Canadian Navy supported Operation Chromite, Jinnampo withdrawal operation, and etc. during the war, and it stroke a huge blow to enemy supply lines by participating train-demolishing operation. After armistice talks took place, Canadian Navy drove enemies back from seizing strategic islands on the West Sea as patrolling around the region such as Baekryeong islands, Yeonpyeong islands and etc. Canadian Navy warships stayed near Baek ryeong island till March 1955 and protected strategic islands on the West Sea from enemies even after the armistice agreement is signed.


After Canada Air Force participated in airlift operations under US Air on July 1950, it set a milestone transporting approximately 13,000 soldiers and cargo weighting 3,200 tons without a single accident during 559 shuttle flights till the last flight on June 1954.


Canadian miliary successfully accomplished its missions in all areas of ArmyNavyAir Force. However, Canada suffered 312 soldiers dead, 1,212 injured, and 32 missing.



Posted by LG Innotek

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The Forgotten Victory - New Zealand

English 2013.07.02 16:29



Outstanding artillery marksmanship, fire-support to the Commonwealth army on the ground and the sea.


                                                                                                      New Zealand


"Fire until paints on shells are pilled off due to their own heat!" New Zealand dispatched one artillery battalion of 1,389 soldiers and one Frigit to Korea during the Korean War. New Zealand army had incredible shelling accuracy whether on the ground or the sea. Based on the ability, New Zealand army carried out outstanding fire-support operations at lines where the Commonwealth were positioned.




At the time the Korean War occurred, New Zealand did not have enough RA. However, in spite of the situation, New Zealand announced its will to send out artillery troops, having strength of 1,000 soldiers, newly formed if necessary, as UN Secretary General asked for additional ground forces to be dispatched in July 1950.


In order to keep its promise, New Zealand activated a ground force, called K-Force(Korean Force), just for dispatch to the Korean War. Also, it recruited soldiers and exercised artillery training. On Nov, 26, 1950 when training was completed, New Zealand set foundation for dispatch by initiating 16th artillery regiment armed with British 24 25-pound ordinances.



New Zealand 16th regiment arrived in Korea on Dec. 31, 1950, and the regiment was assigned to 27th corp. of the Commonwealth on Jan. 18, 1951. The 16th regiment took charge of fire support to corps, which did not have their own artillery troops. 27th Corp. had been receiving artillery support from US Army. Then, as artillery troops of the Commonwealth were transferred to the 27th regiment, the 27th regiment started to display stronger combat strength based on smoother communication.


The 16th regiment of New Zealand clearly stood out at Gapyeong battle, a fight against Communist Chinese Army, on April. On April 22, even though Middlesex battalion, which was supposed to cover for withdrawal, was under a preemptive attack by Chinese army, the 16th regiment could withdraw and redeployed near Gapyeongcheon without huge loss by its composed fire support and withdrawal operation. On April 23 and 24, the regiment made critical contribution on Australia 3rd battalion withdrawal and Canada 2nd battalion camp defense by firing against Chinese Army, which attacked the troops.



New Zealand 16th regiment gave tremendous loss to enemies by firing 10,000 25-pound ammo at this battle, which is famous for its anecdote that paints melt and were pilled off due to shells' heat. The regiment received a presidential unit citation by the prsident Lee, Seungman who gave credit for the battle.


The regiment took a significant role at Mt. Maryang battle, Jamestown defensive operation, and etc.; the regiment consumed 72,000 shells for 6 days at Mt. Maryang battle, recording the largest shell consumption during the Korean War, and James Town defensive operation took its place when highland battles were in the middle of fierce fight. The regiment also participated in firing leaflet projective bombs, which contain leaflets, cartoons, and etc., as a means of supporting psychological warfare in order to agitate enemies at the end of the war.


New Zealand Navy also made a significant contribution based on its outstanding artillery marksmanship at various covering operations, maritime patrol and etc. During train-demolish operation taken on Feb. 1952, Taupo Frigit took down 10 enemy auxiliary boats out of 15 sailboats with its accurate fire.


Moreover, Rotoili, Habaeaho, and etc.-participated by turns-showed off its

ability by completely destroying enemy camps despite of attack from enemy sea batteries.


New Zealand Army did not have huge loss at the start of the war taking its advantage as artillery troops. However, it suffered total 103 humane losses due to improved counterartillery attack, intense combat situation, and etc. at the end of the war; there were casualties such as 23 soldiers dead, 79 injured, 1 missing, and etc.

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